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I find it valuable to keep a knitting journal, usually it is a large spiral bound book. I mean to keep all of my knitting info, swatches, yarn samples etc. in it, but it is large and I am always behind.
Dragonfly soars, fellow knitting blogger, gave me the idea of keeping a small journal for each project. This is a perfect solution for myself. Small, portable, and pretty I can write all of my info into it! Start for just for socks! I have been working on 2 at a time socks and am using a small journal to note my ideas, problems, and progress. It’s great.
With that being said here is an Etsy seller that makes some cute little journals and scrapbooks. She also makes custom scrapbooks.
Memories for Life Scrapbooks  Edi also blogs here.
Some of my favorites are:
love the Love album $20.00
summer the Summer book $20.00
bird notebood Bird Notebook $6.00
butterflynote book The Butterfly note book $5.00
Sweet little books to place your thoughts, photos, or even your to do list.
Take a look…

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  1. Neat idea about keeping a notebook per project... must put that on my "to do" list!


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