Blueberries and Lime for Knitting or going Kracy with Kool Aid

I saw this sweater on this front of Knitscene Fall 2009 and decided to make it, but  with a twist of colors, minus the belt (why place a belt over your pattern area?).

Deciding on blue I picked out some Blueberry Kool aid, then offset it with Lime Kool Aid.

I did this in a three step solar dyeing process. For more info on my solar dyeing see this post. (more dyeing how to info links here)

Wet your yarn (natural fibers take up dye better), thoroughly, soak at least 15 min in warm water. While you are waiting for the soaking.

Dissolve your Kool Aid packets in warm water (or the same temp. as the water you are soaking your yarn or fiber in), standard amount is 1 package of Kool aid per oz of fiber or yarn. Less Kool aid=lighter color, more kool aid=vibrant.

1-Solar dye my yarn with the Blueberry Kool Aid, I used 5 packets per 4 oz of yarn, dissolved in 4 cups of water. (I use a sun tea jar, I know many people use canning jars) After this is dissolved, gently place your yarn in it, and stir around to get all of your yarn thoroughly soaked. (if you have some dry areas, they will take up less dye=lighter color, and this may be a look you want).

I let my jars set in full sun for 4-5 hours, dyeing is done when the water is clear, this means all of the dye is taken up by the fiber.

Allow to cool, then pour off water, now rinse in cool water and proceed to step 2.


2-Sprinkle Lime Kool Aid powder in sections (of wet yarn, damp not soggy) tossing around while sprinkling and place back in sun to cook some more. I used one packet per 4 oz of yarn. I have used a glass bowl with saran wrap on top of it, or more recently zip lock baggies (these are great!) Let cook for 4-5 hours in the sun, then let cool, rinse in cool water and proceed to step 3. (unless you are satisfied with the colors now, then hang to dry, if you decide more color is needed, it can be added later, just wet and start with step 3)

019 Step two is in the bowl. Step 3 in the baggies.

011 After looking at my results I wanted to try to achieve more dimensional color in the yarn.  Some darker blues areas are needed I decide.

3-Wet the yarn and sprinkle with more Blueberry Kool Aid powder, then place in Ziploc baggies and set out to dye. I used one packet per 4 oz of yarn. Let cook in sun for 4-5 hours, then allow to cool and rinse with cool water. Hang to dry.

Now what color should I make the waist pattern in? What do you think?

022 023

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies….


  1. Oh, I think this is one of my favorites!!

  2. Love how the yarn turned out! As for the waist design . . . something that would pop, like a charcoal gray or black?

  3. You are getting quite proficient at yarn dyeing. I love this latest batch with the 2-tone look.

    My first attempt at dyeing with kool-aid was miserable, but I was trying to dye old t-shirts and not undyed wool. Maybe that was the problem.

  4. You make dyeing look like fun. Who knew???


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