Socks and more socks, two at a time!

I had dyed this yarn using Kool Aid and had so much fun it lead to a Kool Aid explosion in my kitchen. Lots of Kool Aid, lots of yarn, fun and color. See this post for the yarny back-story.
So then I began looking for a pattern that would suit my needs. I settled on The Sailor’s Delight Socks (rav link)  from 2 at a Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.
I decided to use the dark plum for the cuffs, toe and heel. and the variegated for the rest of the sock (I hope I have enough)
Here I have started the heel. This will be the 2nd pair of socks that I have knitted with Melissa’s 2 at a time technique. The first attempt was rocky, but this one is going smoothly.
Heel turned and….
Gusset done, now all I have to finish is the foot and toe.
004 (2)
Almost there….
All done, pre blocking.
I do like knitting two socks at a time.
-use every bit of yarn
-if you alter a pattern, and don’t write it down (like me, thinking “I will remember that” no worries, you have already done it twice.
-no second sock syndrome
-the only one I can find is, it does take longer to “see” your sock done.
With that said, I’m on to my next sock.
I decided to Kool Aid dye some more yarn.
Ready to go out into the sun and dye.
I used a combo of punch flavor and grape to get a kettle dyed appearance.
This is the result, and the pattern I'm going to use is Berry Season, from the 2 at a time socks book, she also blogs here.
May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies..


  1. I love Kool-Aid dyeing as well. And your socks are gorgeous. Congratulations.

  2. Hi,

    Just recently started following your blog and was thrilled to see this post. I consider myself an advanced beginner knitter (I've knitted half a dozen purses, several very simple sweaters and one hat) but have never knitted socks before (gulp) and am ready to give it a try. After spending over a week checking out various books on sock knitting on Amazon and in bookstores I finally settled on this book. Just bought it yesterday! I noticed you said the first time you followed this method was "rocky".... is there anything in particular I need to watch out for?


  3. so awesome to see you liking the "2 at a time" style. Did you use 2 circulars or did you use one large circular (the magic loop)?
    Since you used Kool Aid, do your socks have a fruity smell?

  4. how fun! I would love to learn to knit socks (I think). Yours are lovely and seem to fit, too, which, of course, is important.

  5. My sister has dyed yarn with Kool-Aid. It's beautiful! I have never knit socks either, but I've hear that knitting two at a time is fun and easy.

  6. Oh, those look so cozy... :)

  7. beautiful colors there. And socks - great idea, everyone needs socks. They look very comfy! Thanks for sharing in the carnival! {:-Deb

  8. I found your blog post because I'm also knitting the sailor's delight from the same book. Did you run into an error in pattern? Cast on is 76. I couldn't get pattern to work until I adjusted to 78. Urgh.

  9. Yes that book has quite a few errors in it. Now if I'm knitting and it doesn't look right I automatically think "error" See the link for the errata....it helped me...
    latest corrections here
    Good luck!


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