Wouldn't you like to be knitting here...

After enough days of ice and snow for me, this photo appeals to me and my yarn..

May you needles fly as fast as dragonflies..

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  1. Wow. Would love to be there for even one minute. Spectacular.

    I was in a different part of Africa, and there was much beauty there as well. I've been longing to return (it has been 4 years). I got some African clothes to take the edge off of the longing.

    Actually just warmth in my own neighborhood would be great. I guess tomorrow is supposed to be just that. Thank goodness.


  2. Beautiful photo. I wish I could pack up and go right now!

  3. Well, no...I honestly WANT SNOW. I need snow. Snow inspires me to knit.

    So why am I here, knitting at the equator?

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