Chainsaws, aprons and sock knitting


This movie made quite an impression on me, I still think of it when I hear chainsaws. The ice storm cleanup is still going on and we hear chainsaws most of the day. Happy memories...

The original movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre came out in 1974, I was in high school and it scared the poo out of me. It has turned into a classic and even got remade in 2003, if you rent it get the original, oh heck get them both.

Getting back to normal. I stopped past the library and checked out some sock books. The ice storm we had brought with it days with no electricity. We came to appreciate our hand knitted sweaters, and socks.

The book that I favored is the one I almost didn't pick up. It is Teach Yourself Visually Sock Knitting by Laura Chau

The title turned me off and on the front it says "read less-learn more", OK I thought. For some reason this was a big turn off, but I checked it out anyway.

I was surprised when I started thumbing through this book. It is quite complete and includes many, many photos. And they are good, like actually taken by someone who knits.

This book covers all of the basics of socks, but the thing that sets it aside is all of the photos, and she give you the option of  three types of needles for your socks, traditional dp's, Magic Loop (one long needle), and two circulars.

You also have the option of top down, toe up or flat socks. A generic basic sock pattern is the beginning one, then she has included lace, cable, boot, baby, and thermal among the patterns.

I would actually buy this book, my initial doubt is erased and I will be checking out other Teach yourself visually books.

I must be turning into my mother, I have plans to sew a apron (seriously) and have all but given up TV. We started

listening to the radio for our news and have it on most of the day, even when not home the dogs listen to it, although they have a "no opera please" policy.

Maybe this is a side effect of the Dow. A wish for simple times again. Although I have no knitting to report, it is setting on my needles gathering dust. Thanks to everyone who wanted to know if we were ok in the ice storm, and for the many scissor ideas. The consensus was, "yes you need many scissors, store them, in jars and bags, on ribbon, in  crocks, and drawers, and the scissor troll visits everyone".

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies

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