Knit not, and out of touch

I think I have been in hibernation this month. My cell phone is broken, we stopped our cable TV and the weather has been dismal.



Thinking back we have accomplished a lot but it doesn't seem like it, big storm clean up and taxes, work is sucking the life out of me. I am planning on planting a garden and some flowers this year.

I have picked up my knitting a few times but only to knit several rows. Still working on the felted purse, The Kelly Bag, I'm not happy with the yarn I picked out, but I am trying to get through it.

Looking at the photo makes me think I will line this bag and see what I end up with. Actually this pattern is cute and simple. You could complete it in an afternoon.

I will leave you with some links of bloggers that are doing something inspirational







Enjoy and may your needles (and mine) fly as fast as dragonflies

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  1. Love your blog title by the way. Dragonflies are so pretty. I too plan on planting a little patio garden with some flowers. Last year I was successful in growing some herbs from seeds. It was fun. :-)

    PS: I like the colors of your bag.

  2. I love your slug photo, ewww. haha
    That's what winter does to us.
    Great luck with your bag!

  3. Yesterday's sunshine helped me a lot! Good luck with your project. Thanks for the fun links.


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