How do you keep track of your scissors?

I am primarily a knitter, but also do some sewing, crocheting etc....

Now knitters don't need scissors as often as sewers. But come on now. I have bought many, many scissors, but when I need a pair there are none.

Is there a scissor black hole in my house?

I'm off on a scissor hunt, and ways to prevent this from happening again. I have seen scissor fobs but never was interested in them. Should I be now?

How do you keep track of your scissors???? Please help me....

I found some scissor tails here or here.

But they look like they might get in the way...

Do I need a scissor keeper? http://lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com/lynette_anderson_designs/2008/09/here-kitty.html

Or a scissor leash? http://www.brodys8004balloons.com/product_p/36410a.htm

How do you track your scissors? And/or keep them where you need them.

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies...

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  1. Hmm, for me, I always put the scissors back into my pen mug, along with my bunch of crochet hooks. That way, it'll always be there when I need it.
    I do the same with my hooks too. No matter what the WIP is, I almost never keep the hook with the project. I always put them back into the mug, taking it out only when I want to continue the WIP. I'd go crazy if I ever lose any. lol!

  2. I have the exact same problem with my scissors every time I turn around they are gone. I don't know if I have scissor gnomes or what & its only me and the bf here & he swears he isn't hiding them. I should have about 3 pairs in each room of this place by now lol.

  3. I have solved the problem by having at least 2-3 pair of scissors in each room. I kid you not. Kitchen only has one pair, tho. Living room: 3; each bathroom has 1 pair -- you get the idea.

  4. No idea, we are constantly losing scissors. Although every now and then the scissor gremlins return them all at once and we suddenly have an over-abundance of them

  5. I took about a yard of 1/4" ribbon and made a necklace--just one big loop that goes through the thumb-hole of my snips and then I can wear it around my neck. Between uses I hang it on a hook over my sewing desk (next to my wall-mounted spool holder and threaded-needle pincushion).
    I never lose them. :)

  6. Well, first of all, I have scissors in almost every room of my house, except the bedroom. I even keep a pair in my knitting bag. I think it is essential that you have at least 10, then you are bound to find at least 1 when you need it. =)


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