Stop and Listen


 The above was taken in New Mexico

This is why spinning is a good thing.

+It makes you stop thinking 1000 thoughts all at once.

+You get a sense of achievement, after all, no one I actually know locally spins.

+You start really looking at yarn in a different way

+I like how I can admire the yarn I just spun as I am adding it to the spindle.

+People look at you really strange, if you do it in public, but everyone wants to ask you a question after watching for awhile

+You can take your spindle anywhere, well almost

+The creativity, spin thick or thin, or thick and thin. Ply odd stuff in, (see Pluckyfluff), dye it before or after, mix your fibers.....

+It's a challenge, especially in the beginning

+And it's fun

+When you are done and decide to knit it, knitting seems to go really FAST...

+I think it rocks the soul and lowers your blood pressure (I'm positive it must)

So get some fiber and  a spindle, or like I did for years, get a book and read about


Oh no, I just ordered another spindle, I finally had to try a Jenkins Turkish Spindle, (see Marie at KnittedGems) after all, how much money did I save by not putting a wheel on my Christmas list!!

May you spindle fly as fast as dragonflies.

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  1. Vicki,
    I like your thinking. What would we do without spinning. People look at us like we are weird. If they only knew what they are missing.

  2. The only problem with spinning is that it not only leads to yarn addiction, but fiber and spindle addiction, too...and I love them all.

  3. All fantastic reasons to spin!

    Actually, those also apply to knitting, at least for me.

    Those are some massive listening devices. I wonder if they hear anything worth listening too?


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