Spinning tools

I have been in a creative frenzy.

And have decided I need to get back to my spinning....

Cross patch, draw the latch,
  Sit by the fire and spin;
Take a cup and drink it up,
  Then call your neighbors in.

There....that's better..

I started displaying all of my spinning tools on a table. It makes me smile as I pass


Making a winter scarf for my girlfriend, good mindless knitting...

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies...


  1. Oh, what an inspiring collection. I have been neglecting my spinning too. I think I shall pick it back up tonight during the game.


  2. I only have a kick spindle and one drop spindle that I haven't managed to use yet. Your collection is impressive.

    I need to get back to spinning again.

  3. I like your spindle display. Did you make the basket. Nice basket. Drool.

  4. Your spinning supplies make me smile too!

  5. Anonymous10/04/2008

    Oh impressive Vicki. Can't say as I know what any of them are, but they are a nice group of things! LOL. I envy you your passion. I have at least bought yarn and found a pattern I like for a sweater. I hope to get started this weekend!


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