Gotta Knit....Or crochet...

I soooooo need to start knitting!!! I had started knitting a plain knit scarf at the craft show, but ripped it out. I had bought the yarn before, it was Patons Devine in Amethyst, But this yarn is totally different, I don't have the original label from the first batch I had. But this is scratchy and it really irritates me to knit with it. I found a shawl pattern http://www.joyfulabode.com/?p=39 to crochet (at a great blog Joyful Abode) It looks easy and really cute. Although I don't have a ribbon yarn, mine is (acrylic, wool and mohair blend) I thought it might be interesting to try. (which will probably involve me going to the yarn store and buying some tape like yarn to use LOL) instead of yarn from my stash.
I had to laugh, how many of you out there wear hats? I love hats, but you know they squash the hair. So I wear them to walk the dogs and rake leaves etc...things I really need a hat for.
So at the craft fair I took only scarves, I will wrap a scarf around my head and preserve my hair, (not a poofy style, but fine and prone to go flat) rather than wear a hat when going out or to work.
I cannot count the number of people that picked a scarf up and said, "you have a hat to go with this?"
No, no hats......
I am excited, I now have two people that have contacted me to make them "custom" rag quilts. (3 quilts in all) all larger than baby size.
I can't wait to get back to my Aryan shrug, I am so close to being done I can't stand it. I put everything on hold and my house is screaming "clean me up!!". But I think I will finish the shrug first. Picture to follow soon.
Don't forget..I have needles (knitting and sewing) and I'm not afraid to use them.....
Take care..

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