The day after....

It's Mon. am after the craft show weekend. I was ecstatic Sun. when I sold three quilts and got an order to make a quilt for a throw to match a sofa. I was very surprised. The weather was bad, it rained like crazy, we must have gotten the after church crowd, Bless them!! My jewelry girlfriend did very well.

Things I learned....

1. The people that were selling there were great, so ready to help, give advice and tips.

2. I already have my inventory for the next show. LOL, this was pointed out to me when I was mood swinging between panic and tears.

3. It is worth it to discover what else is going on that weekend. We had two other, larger craft/antique shows to compete with.

4. Bring water, you will need it to wash the aspirin down.

5. Dress in layers, it was absolutely freezing on sat. and hot on sun. And socks, I was surprised at how cold my feet got, standing all day on a cement floor.

6. Take time to go around and meet all of your fellow sellers, they are likely to send people your way, and it is wise to do the same. Even and maybe especially the ones selling like products.

7. I found out most people went with the idea that a success was making your booth rental and gas money back.

8. Next show I go to as a buyer, I will be a lot most respectful of the sellers. It is hard work.

9. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket, make a few of a lot of different things. And try to buy everything on sale.

And best of all, now I get to take a break and do some knitting!!!

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