Gift of Fire....

For Christmas I received the gift of fire, a magnesium fire starter.

Remember how important fire is to mankind....before fire, we were cold, ate raw food, probably grumpy, due to being skinny and cold.

Logically, of course, we may assume there was once a time when man had no fire, but very early he must have become acquainted with fire derived from natural sources, and made use of it; for no remains of man's art show him without fire as his companion.

Many of the legends or myths relating to the origin of fire are vivid and dramatic, and while they vary in detail there appears to be a similarity in many of the episodes that form the fire-origin story in all countries of the world.

Stealing fire from the Gods seems to be a popular theory, so when this is taken into account. This was a grand gift indeed. Of course water ranks right up there with fire, but I already had water......

(We are avid hikers and primitive campers, my husband more primitive than I, LOL, but nothing is less enjoyable than camping wet with no fire)

On a knitting note, I am rapidly finishing the Aran shrug, yes I finally picked it up again, I am adding to the collar to allow it to roll over more. Pictures to follow soon.

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