Craft show blues

Sat at the craft show was dismal. We finally decided that the silver lining was that we have inventory for the next one.
I had many good comments and people saying they liked the quilts and scarves. Even a lady in the same building selling scarves for 6$ and they we very nice and long, and she didn't do good. Everyone I talked to that had a booth was very nice, and I would say overall a positive experience. But disappointed that we didn't sell more.
My girlfriend with the jewelry did better. I told her I was there to boost her moral. Anytime she complained about how much she had made, I reminded her what my total was.
On the positive side, I was amazed at the people that did buy from me. All friends and co-workers. I really appreciate their support.
And anyone out there that supports themselves with their craft I have new found respect for.
Keep it up!!!

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