I’m knitting a Bone Yard Shawl by Stephen West. Using some of my handspun fiber. A Persimmon color Blue Faced Leicester fiber that I added a strand of Sulky bendable thread to it to give it some dimension. It looked so “flat” spun alone.

I skein I had overspun, Ugh, overspun yarn is spun too tightly, when I hold it out flat it immediately winds up on itself and kink. The “fix” for this is to run it back through the spinning wheel the other direction and then I soaked it and dried it, to ‘'reset” the twist. That came out find, and didn’t take as long as I thought it would. So now, I just have a bit more to go before I’m done.

IMG_2233I must have been stressed when I spun this!

Read more on spinning yarn with the correct twist and balance, plus other helpful tips in Knitty article

This was going to be a gift for a girlfriend who is going through tuff times, but when complications set in (with my knitting, not her), I ended up gifting her my Citron shawl

IMG_2227Steve and Penny at the local DNR wildlife area. Bird?

You may notice my “bone yard shawl” is missing the ribs. I looked at the pattern and started while I was watching Netflix (gotta love Netflix), many rows later I discovered that I had omitted the knit row that made the ribs. I just kept knitting, but wish I had frogged it and put it in now, as the shawl looks very ordinary, and boring to knit. (but good TV knitting)

Hope everyone had a great holiday and got some knitting done!

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