Project Runway at my House


I had  been thinking about sewing a fleece vest for my husband. Problem was I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. Of course. I couldn’t find a suitable pattern. So I decided I would draft a pattern for it myself. Inspired by the series “Project Runway”, which I am a long-time fan of. I found the confidence to give it a go.

I used muslin and pinned it to him and then cut the pieces out. This did take 3 tries to get it acceptable. A lot of laughter and a couple of pin pricks.

I used fleece on the out side and the lining, with batting in-between. My husband wanted the pockets to be a specific way. I settled on a simple pattern idea of a small stand up collar, basic front and back, zipper, and the most complicated part were the pockets! He wanted to be able to slip his hands in, and have a separate compartment with a secure flap. I had bought these lovely gunmetal grey snaps to apply to the flaps, but the fleece was so thick I had to default to using Velcro.


I also decided to quilt the fleece, I used some of the lines of the plaid design to follow.

The pockets also have batting in them, so his hands will be warm. (thus making my snaps impossible to apply)


Overall I’m happy with it, and I got it done before the snow came!

Now on to some Christmas knitting!

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