What Do You Like To Do While Your Knitting?

Do you knit during every opportunity? Or are you more of a TV/movie knitter? Maybe while commuting to work and back, or a lunch time knitter.


Most knitters will knit at any opportunity. I love to knit at lunch, it gives me a break during the stressful day to get some click-click-click in. Even if I can only knit one row in a little meditative break helps.

Of course I love to knit during a movie. We don’t have cable anymore, so I can put on Netflix and go through several episodes of a show and keep knitting.

I also like to listen to my iPod, whether it is music, audio book or a podcast, like TV, I need some simple knitting or I’ll be frogging before I know it.. Likewise for sporting events! Woops! Frog all of the way back to where I started, *grin*

If knitting while drinking, I’ve experienced several things, either, I don’t drink my drink, due to being so engrossed in my knitting, and then it is warm and watery. Or drunk knitting, never a good idea, although while knitting it may seem that way. Next day usually involves a “what the heck??”


I’m a car knitter, I always have something to knit while going on a trip, motion sickness doesn’t bother me, although I know it can be a problem for some. I did pull up to a stoplight once and see a women knitting, in the drivers seat, while at the light. I honked and gave her a thumbs up, It drives me crazy to have to drive hours in the car and not be able to knit, if only I could knit and drive at the same time. All of that wasted knitting time!



Vacation knitter? Yes! I try and plan a vacation project, and make sure I have everything I need, I like to be able to look at a knitted item and remember the vacation we were on when I was knitting it.

Maybe the best time to knit is in total silence.  Just the gentle clicking of my knitting needles as the yarn lightly glides over and under them. It is a sacred time when no one makes demands of me, my mental agility is not taxed, and I can simply stay grounded in the present moment, and breathe.

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When do you like to knit?


  1. I always carry my knitting to school and today there was a power surge and our video turned off. So of course in the 5 minutes it took to reboot the computer I had already knit 3 more rows! Never waste a minute you could be knitting! :)

  2. I knit while in line, anywhere in line. It keeps me sane especially if the line is not moving. I take it when i am meeting people for lunch or dinner, until they arrive. I knit while watching tv. I have knit while surfing on the computer and doing Pinterest. I have a Kindle so I knit while reading. I knit in the car anytime I am not driving. My husband knows to have my knitting where I can get to it. I knit while waiting for my hair to finish being colored at the beauty salon, if I have to go to a doctor I knit while waiting for them to show up. I knit while waiting for the car to be serviced. I have even knit at the movie theater if the movie was boring. I am known for carrying knitting wherever I go.

  3. I knit while watching tv, on the computer sometimes, sometimes with a good book and while listening to podcasts. I used to think I just knitted while watching tv but now I realize I watch tv so I can knit. :)

  4. lincannon: Wow!! You are my inspiration! A superknitter! Love it!

  5. Hey!!!

    Long time no comment.

    How are you?

    I like to knit in quiet. Not sure why. Probably because while I'm knitting (or crocheting) I start to daydream. Unlike most women, I can only do two or three things at a time, and not ten things at a time. So while I'm knitting (or crocheting) I'm also daydreaming and then counting my stitches.

    Have a great rest of the week..and I noticed you added me as a blog of inspiration.

    Thank you so much. That was nice of you.

  6. All of the above. I just knitted through Seqouia and Yosemite. I knitted little mitered squares and I knit less than I thought when I stacked them up.
    I cannot sit still without knitting.

    MY husband loves TV and I dont so I knit next to him while He watched TV

    I aslo like to knit with my little knit group friends twice a month.

  7. Wow! That sounds great! I'm in need of a vacation! I love knitting while camping and hiking!
    Take care


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