Knitting Apps! (or I’ve got a android now)

I finally gave in and got one. Two days later I’m hooked,
Well after calling several people accidentally, and having trouble hanging up. Does anyone actually read the manual that comes with your phone? No! Only when forced to…*grin*
I went on an app downloading spree, of course after loosing my micro sd chip in the only little gap in the back of the phone. Gone forever I guess, I was afraid to poke around too much. What are your favorite app’s?
I had no idea that there were so many knitting apps! So I decided to check them out *of course* I’m not sure there are any “must have” ones, of course why not check some out, especially if they are free!. Oh, there is an android group on Ravelry,
Top Knitting Apps. (let me know if you use any apps for knitting or have any of these)
knitting counter
1. Visual Knitting Counter (free, ave rating 4)-After looking at the screen shots I thought this would be handy for keeping track of lace knitting. And one of the reviewers thought so “Multiple counters with editable labels plus the ability to paste in your pattern text make this great for knitting lace”
ravelry photo
2. Ravelry Photo Uploader (free ave rating 3.7)  Update your projects when you want to. Upload your photos directly to Ravelry.com from your Android phone or tablet!
Works with either:
- Ravelry mobile site (free)
Go to m.ravelry.com, select a project, go to the photos tab and click Upload.
3. Knitting Stash (free, ave rating 4.2), I wasn’t interested in this app, but the number of downloads convinced me to check it out! Knitting Stash is a suite of tools that helps you keep track of your knitting needles, crochet hooks, projects and all of your counters.

4. Ravulous ($1.59 ave rating 4.3) This is for Ravelry users,. I took a long look at this, and think I’m going to use it, Not made by Ravelry. Below from description of app.
Ravulous is a knitting / crochet project browser app for users of Ravelry.com. Log in with a Ravelry account on your phone or tablet, and you can:
* **NEW** upload photos to projects and stashed yarns from your phone's camera or gallery! (Requires Ravelry Photo Uploader, a separate free app available here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.ravulo.photouploader)
* receive notifications when you get new Ravelry messages and unread forum replies
* search for patterns and yarns by name, and look at photos and yardages required
* look at your queued projects, with recommended yarn and yardages required - handy for yarn shopping!
* see your project details and edit your project notes
* share project photos on twitter/google+/email/facebook
* admire your stash - check yardages of yarn you already have
Want to know more? Come and join the Ravulous group on Ravelry!:http://www.ravelry.com/groups/ravulous
Want to report an issue or enhancement? There is an issue tracker open to everybody here, you can edit my todo list directly: http://littlegreenbugs.com/bugs/apps/ravulous/.
NB. Ravulous is not affiliated with Ravelry. It is written by an independent developer who likes knitting. It is never going to be anything like as good as ravelry.com, but it complements it by offering some useful on-the-go features optimized for mobile devices.
bee count
5. BeeCount (free ave rating 4.8) I like the simplicity of this app .Saw a mention of this app on Ravelry's Android group.  It's a great app, easy to use - I especially like the ability to have multiple counters for a single project, this is handy for things like 2 socks at the same time.  Written as a training exercise for learning Android programming by the author, her website here.

6.Gauge Fy (free ave rating 4.6) below from description, I think we could all do this with our calculators, but it is handy to have, and makes me feel like I don’t have to check my math. *grin*
Calculate your knitting/crochet gauge with Gaugefy! Gaugefy helps you calculate your gauge easily. It also helps you: ★Adjust your gauge - for the pattern you are working with ★Calculate your end goals -
Not a knitting app, but I’m planning on keeping my knitting patterns on here, how often have you lost yours while on a trip?
7. Dropbox (free ave rating 4.6) (I think this is a great app) How about putting your knitting patterns on it!
Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.
Read your docs or flip through your albums when you're out and about. Save photos or videos to your Dropbox and share them with friends in just a couple taps. Even if you accidentally leave your Android in a taxi, your stuff is always safe on Dropbox.
• Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are.
• Save photos and videos to your Dropbox.
• Share your photos and docs with family and friends.
• Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox.
• Easily edit docs in your Dropbox.
Enjoy your knitting!!dancingintheraingif


  1. Take a look at wooly. I think it was designed in consultation with Casey at Ravelry. You enter your rav ID and all your projects, stash, etc. are uploaded. It is read-only (for now) but is great to have on hand when you are yarn shopping. :-)

  2. ooo, thanks! It looks like it is not for android, but it a great app for iphone/ipad etc, from the itunes store.


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