Just Add Water, this one is for Teresa

I haven't done any watercolors since I’ve moved all of my “stuff” into my front bedroom. I did get it out and go outside and attempt a “plein air” painting.
I had fun, and it warmed me up to get back into sketching.
This is part of one of my flower beds, a little wild and blooming!
The first photo is just water colors

Then I added some ink into the painting, I think I went too far, and like the original better, what do you think?

We have been busy replacing all of the windows in the house, still at it. After the initial estimate,*gasp*, we decided to buy them and do the work ourselves. So far, pretty good. I’ve learned it is pretty hard to get a window out of it’s hole!


  1. It's not fair to say this but I like it both ways. They each invoke a different mood. Either way, they are beautiful.

  2. They are both lovely but I think I prefer the simplicity of the first one. Nice work!

  3. Dear KD,
    Both nice and but I prefer to the first one. Enjoy knitting as well. Happy Easter!
    Cheers, Sadami

  4. I love your wild flowers. My husband and I decided to replace our own windows. The first one is the hardest and then each one gets easier!

  5. Ooh... . thank you for "my" painting! I love it... wildflowers a favorite subject. Ink vs. no ink: I'm somewhere in between the two. When I add ink to a watercolor I try to use it very sparingly.. just a little here and there. You can always add more... but can't take away!

    You'll be so proud of me... I've started a kid's sweater (charity knitting) and it has a cable/blackberry stitch/cable pattern down the front!!! My first experience with both of these stitches. Not hard... but I do have to keep up with my rows instead of mindlessly knitting while I ponder the deep things of the universe (or more likely, what's for supper)


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