Got Water?

Oh Yes we sure do! (“This is definitely a Top 10 event, if not a Top 5 event in many places,” ) according to the paper. When did we start calling weather an “event”? We have had several small power outages and some backup of water. My husband and I have trenched around our house. We are calling ourselves honorary civil engineers, ha!


(Not my house, thank goodness)

Weather service: 'Catastrophic flash flooding possible', see article


Schools and business's are closed due to flooded streets. People are sandbagging and the national guard is here. More raining coming up to 9 inches for some areas.

Steve bought an extra sump pump, in case this one goes out, why do things always stop working when you really need them?

Keep your feet dry and your hands knitting!

I’m inside, cleaning the house and hoping to get some knitting done.


  1. Oh, my goodness! Do you live near the Ohio River by any chance? That's a lot of water!

  2. Sorry to hear of this. It seems that when that portion of the nation gets flooding we get drought and fires.

  3. Looks really bad, but it sounds like you are still keeping dry.

    That's good to hear.

  4. OH DEAR!!! Seems like there's always some kind of "weather event" going on. We had multiple tornadoes (with loss of life and extensive property damage) from a severe storm on the 16th. I heard today there's another storm - with tornadoes - headed our way and expected to hit Thursday. Time to batten down the hatches and retreat!

  5. Geez, hope you guys stay dry and safe!

  6. Oh my gosh. I hope everything will be ok! Stay safe and dry!


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