Cactus Flower


I was so surprised when I woke up one morning and found my cactus blooming in my kitchen window! Years of ignoring it and occasionally watering resulted in growth but nothing exciting. Last year I must have over watered it, and the bottom started to rot. It got so bad I almost threw it out, but I couldn’t bring myself to. I hacked off the bottom and stuck the top part of the remaining plant in dirt. And then pretty much ignored it. Ha..

If you want some real info on cactus and how to make them bloom I found the cactus expert!


I have had tremendous luck with Christmas cactus! Easy to grow and a delight to see the blooms every year (although not near the holidays for me, it flowers when it wants to). I found info on my brown thumb if you need help getting your Christmas cactus to flower.

I showed my husband the Lucet video from Strings n Things, (he is a carpenter) and he came home with this for me! You can make some great looking friendship bracelets, shoe strings, and those missing cords in waist bands. This would be fun for children also. Once you start, it is amazing how many things you can use it for. (book on making friendship bracelets with a lucet)


A lucet is a tool used in cord making or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods, when it was utilized to create cords that were used on clothing, or to hang useful items from the belt. Lucet cord is square, strong, and slightly springy. It closely resembles knitted I-cord or the cord produced on a knitting spool. Lucet cord is formed by a series of loops, and will therefore unravel if cut. Unlike other braiding techniques such as kumihimo, finger-loop braiding or plaiting, where the threads are of a finite length, lucetted braids can be created without pre-measuring threads and so it is a technique suited for very long cords.


  1. Lovely little cactus flowers! And nice lucet your hubby made. I think I need to try this.

  2. I'm really curious how it works. You'll have to provide another tutorial for us. :)

  3. My Christmas cacti always flower, but I've never had flowers on my others. The lucet looks fascinating. I must find out more about those.

  4. Love the pretty blooms on your cactus and what a surprise it was I'm sure ;) I've never heard of of Christmas Cactus but it looks lovely and I'll keep an eye out!

  5. Lucet? I have never heard of that till now. Thank You!

    I teach some kids at church to crochet, so maybe this could be something else I could teach them.

    And I know how you feel about a cactus. I had a small cactus once, and it died. After that I always thought I could never have any kind of plant life near me without killing it. (I mean if you can kill a cactus something is wrong). At least this is the thought I always carried with me after that. But then I tentatively started a garden, and things didnt' die.

    I'm not a plant killer!!! Wooohooo!!!!!

  6. Never heard of a Lucet before this. Sounds interesting. Thanx


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