This and That, Recycle it!


OK, it is after the Holidays, and if you are like me, I have an urge to recycle instead of buy anything else! Here are a few idea I found that were interesting!

I’ve seen the bags made from disposable plastic bags from stores. Need a tutorial? Tutorial for fusing plastic bags by Natalie Zee Drieu, and some examples of amazing things to do with them. From Etsy Labs another tutorial for fusing bags

From Jessica of HowAboutOrange blog, a tutorial on how to make a good looking gift bow from a magazine page

Cut Out and Keep.net has a good looking shrug made from a tee shirt, seriously it looks good!

From the Vintage Chica  a rag rug tutorial from old tee shirts, and other cast off clothing.

Dollar Store Crafts.com has instructions so you can make a tote bag from a coffee bag and duct tape.

Recycling is the process of taking a product at the end of its useful life and using all or part of it to make another product.!bagonce


  1. I just left this page and was AMAZED at some of the upcycled stuff in the linky party. People are just too dang creative!



  2. If I could ever find the time I would love to make a rag rug. Thanks for the links.

  3. I love recycling and finding new uses for things - even the bags I started wrapping gifts in last month - I will be making more of them with t-shirt fabric. They're great drawstring bags for travel and storing shoes in luggage, and throwing my gym clothes into the trunk of the car to keep them handy.

    I like that "Once Is Not Enough", too!

  4. Planning on making the rag rug and shrug soon, thanks for the info!

  5. Lots of great ideas! I'll add a suggestion ~ recycle an old wool sweater by "felting" the sleeves and making into arm warmers and/or fingerless mitts :) Etsy has lots of examples!

  6. Ooh... all those fascinating-sounding links! I'm off to check them out now!


    (P.S. I should be painting.... eek!)


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