The sun is out, and I attempt to catch up…

Staring at the Sun

Yay, the sun is out. We have so many sunless days here in the winter. I feel like when it does come out, I need to go out and really enjoy it!

So I’ve been catching up on my “to do” list!

1)Let me see I made 3 Hula Hoops, for Christmas presents, very easy and fun. If you are interested in making one yourself, I have included some info on how to do it:


This is the best tutorial I have found for making a hula hoop yourself, watch out, you can’t make only one! He also includes all of the supplies you will need. A taping link, and a hula hoop demo to get you started. Watch out it is addictive and fun, (and burns calories)!

2) Felting gnomes, which turned out to be elves, and Santas!


See photo at top, more than one was made but the rest became presents, and this is the only one that got captured in a photo!

Felted gnome tutorial here


3) Painting more Sumi-e paintings.002 - Copy

Bamboo, Prawn and Iris….


I was amazed that all of my “practice” bamboo paintings were eagerly taken by visiting friends, to frame and hang up! Encouraged by this I start to make a few more

4) Changing my hard drive out, (to a bigger one) and loosing everything but finding it later! This is the second reinstall of all of my programs. (since Nov 10, the motto being, “well if I screw it up, It is time for a new one) This attitude is a empowering one to take, although filled with folly at times.

Hard Drive Don'ts

hard drive don'ts

Ugh! That consists of making me feel totally stupid and a moment later, well not a genius, but thankful I didn’t loose any files.

But I’m so behind with my blog reading! Apologies to all!

5) Dyeing Yarn! More on that later!

Knit Fast, Dye Yarn
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain."


  1. The Hula Hoops look fun! Lovely painting. Sorry about the hard drive, I leave everything with the computer to the husband. :)

  2. Ah, she's stepping into the exotic world of Sumi-e! Great job... the loose flowing lines seem to come naturally to you.


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