Cloudy and grey, brighten your day with some sunny yarn


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rainy-and-grey_thumb During the winter in our area, we often don’t get cold enough for snow. So it seems we are doomed to a cloudy, wet, grey winter.

When I step out of my back door on my way to the garage the ground squishes and is saturated. Like walking on a sponge, it destroys the grass, and even the dogs are used to the yard turning into a big mud bog.

But what I miss most is the sun. Often we go many days without sun. In my job I work swing shift, and I have no windows anywhere near my department.  So even if the sun comes out during the day, I won’t see it, unless I can escape at lunch and it happens to be out. This often leads to what I think of as “I’m going to scream soon if I don’t see the sun”.


Enter me, some yarn, and some dye! I wind some yarn off, soak it and start looking at my dyes! Feeling better already I get my color wheel out and start thinking of the sun and sea!


Starting with turquoise I gently added this, not wanting to overpower it with color, I wanted a lightness about the yarn. I then let it partly dry and added a small amount of yellow. This was my first skein.

With my 2nd skein I went a  little farther and added some reds for the sunset.


Etsy listing

My husband calls this one cotton candy!

Enjoy my little bit of sunshine sent your way! Now I’m off to spin.

Knit Fast, Dye Yarn
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain." 


  1. Pretty yarn! I especially like the first one. If I could bottle up all the excess sunshine we have (I'm not a fan of sunshine!) I'd sure send it to you. Hmmm.... maybe we need to switch houses? :-)

  2. Love the yarn colors. I give you lots of credit. I could never go more than a couple of days without seeing the sun. I have that seasonal effective "thing" where light effects my mood, so I guess it's a good thing I live in S. FL, lol!

  3. Love that first picture. The little bit of yellow peeking out was perfect.


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