Iris and Morning Glories and spun wool too!


This sketch is the beginnings of my next painting. Next I add shadows. If you build each color onto the next, (instead of mixing them on your palate) the result will be a translucent painting with a glow about it.

Well that is what I’m attempting anyway, thanks to Theresa at Blueberries, Art and Life, my watercolor mentor!


3 skeins of wool spun, and I still have more fiber to spin! I have high hopes of having enough for a sweater.

Cold here and I’m ready to get the sweaters out!


I also have a simple Iris and bamboo painting. In the Sumi-e style. Done in marker. I have to get back to my paints soon.


In addition to some morning glories, done in marker and crayons.


Go create!


  1. Love, love, love the sketch. Looks like something out of a fairy tales book. The bamboo is lovely!

    Spinning is lovely.

  2. The sketch is great! Can't wait to see it in colors

  3. Dear Knitting Dragonflies,
    The sketch is great and I very much look forward to a next!! Other works, too, are very lovely. I feel like using markers. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  4. I LOVE the sketch!!! Are you working from a photo or your imagination? Can't wait to see the next WIP!

    I just ordered some more M. Graham watercolors. Now that I've found them all my other paints (including the top name brands) are cast by the wayside. The M. Graham are formulated with honey (yes, the kind you eat!) so they never dry out on the palette. And I like to put my watercolors in a palette (rather than squeezing out what I need each time) so that I have all my colors available anytime I want to use them. The M. Graham stay lusciously moist and soft and respond almost instantly with a touch of a wet brush. Yay!! No more brick hard dried blobs of watercolor paint! I also ordered a new palette that I really like the looks of... a 24 well Mijello that's airtight and not too big. I feel a new painting coming on soon! Yeah, I know.... 'bout time :-)


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