Blizzard, spinning and knitting


The snow is blowing and the schools are already closing.

I have been spinning, almost totally done now with my dark brown BFL, and I have been eyeing the stash to see what I want to spin next.

I’m fully committed to my sweater now, Iced from Knitty. I’m knitting it with Colinette Point Five, I have located a number of people on Ravelry that have some to sell in case I run out. It is a top down sweater, knitted in the round, (well technically from side to side), I’ve just gotten to below the arms.


Had to go outside and play with the dogs in the snow, Penny rolled and had fun.


Syd is the speed demon! I couldn’t get a clear photo.


Keep warm this week!


  1. Love the snow picture and the pictures if Syd. Syd looks wonderfully happy.

  2. hope you didn't get hit to hard.

    I love the yarn for your sweater! How pretty. Did you spin it?

    I haven't had any inclination to return to my sweater, started late last winter. lol...that's the kind of knitter I am.

    Have a good holiday Vickie!

  3. Wow look at that snow! Snow is a distant childhood memory for me :) But it is going down to 35 here tonight. Stay warm!

  4. Love the snow. Hate the shoveling. I love the sweater so far. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. I'm mostly working on small projects right now because I'm getting bored easily.

    I think of you every time I look at my pencils and oils and keep thinking that I will get them out very soon. It's just been pretty hectic here of late.

    Hope your roads are in better condition than ours. It's too cold for the salt to activate so the roads are icy.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! We had snow, too, but the wind was so strong that most of it blew over and into Kansas before it hit the ground!

    I have two sweaters in the works, and a pair of socks, anda pair of mittens. No pics yet, because they are Christmas presents.

  6. I love the color yarn you've chosen, and now I've put that sweater pattern in my ravelry faves category - it's a nice one! Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  7. Brrr!! Sure looked cold in this pic! Nice to be inside all cozy and happily occupied knitting/spinning!


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