Pit Bull Awareness Day

This is a YouTube Video I got from RoseByAny@-;----'s blog. I love her blog and all her posts about her puppies. It is Pit Bull Awareness Day this Saturday.



  1. I totally agree with what the video says. I owned a pitbull, and he was the most wonderful dog. Eager to please, happy, and honest. Safe to be around. My daughter was perfectly safe around him.

    The thing about pitbulls is that they are so eager to please that they will do literally anything their owners want them to do, which unfortunately includes becoming bad dogs. So what a pitbull is depends just about entirely upon what his people do with him.

  2. I agree, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

  3. How funny. I saw this snapshot from a distance and I thought you were walking a pig!

    Did you know that pit bulls are one of the most commonly abandoned dogs? At the pound in LA virtually every dog they have is a pit bull (at least the location we were at).


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