I’m only buying one skein of sock yarn! Ha…

My girlfriend that I met on Ravelry and I went to the Southern Indiana Fiber Arts Festival, last weekend. The drive was pretty, the company good, weather cold, and the fiber great!

I went with the plan that I was only buying one skein of sock yarn. Really, just one skein. Dena wanted to look at spinning wheels, or maybe I wanted her to look at spinning wheels. We walked, talked, looked, fondled a lot of fiber and yarn. She tried a few wheels, and didn’t buy that much. I was doing fine until I bought:

045 Screaming Wild Monkey! A special house blend of 70% super wash merino/15% Banana/!5% Seacell (impregnated with silver) 4 oz. The photo doesn’t show the colors, they are vibrant.

From the River’s Edge Weaving Studio at  weavingstudio.com

Then I ran across:042 50g each of Tussah Sea Sliver, 60% Seacell, 40% Tussah Silk from Fleece Artist at fleeceartist.com

While my girlfriend looked at wheels I found these:018 Sweet bunnies, then I purchased….036 A big ball of German angora bunny and merino blend, and some cut angora, enough to blend into a sweater. From Angora Eden It made me want to buy a soft sweet bunny.


I was still under control at this point then I found Donna Jo Copeland, from Breezy Manor Textiles & Things

So I had to buy one pound of BFL/BL cross from Orion, beautiful

028 A wonderful dark, dark brown.

And she gave me a deal so I had to buy this also from Amber Meadow Farm (I can’t find a link but she is at amber.meadow at yahoo.com)

033 032One pound of Chestnut Frost, a blend of Shetland, Llama, and Mohair with a little glitz (not too much) thrown in.

So now you know what will be on my wheel and I’ve about converted my girlfriend from a spindle to wheel. Still working on that.

Get your fiber out and enjoy.


  1. Must be in the air: the not intending to buy anything and then a big hit to the wallet. The first two yarns look very intriguing.

  2. You had lots of fun. I want to know all about that banana fiber when you spin it.

  3. I see you have as much willpower at a fiber festival as I do in a bookstore! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.... and I'd have bought the yarn too... it's beautiful!

  4. Funny. I don't see any sock yarn in your entire post.
    But, I just love all the gorgeous fiber you picked up!


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