Halloween memories..


One of the best Halloween memories I have is going to a big scary Halloween party. I was about 7 or so. They had set up a “haunted house” and we had to go around and look at scary things. Headless man, scary witch and lost of webs we got caught in and noises. But the best part was sticking our hands into bowls of monster “parts” , which were covered with just a hole to put hands into.

Eyeballs were wet, cold peeled grapes. Intestines were cold, cooked spaghetti. Cold hot dogs were fingers, brains were cooked oatmeal, and the most horrifying was the heart which was a water balloon filled with warm water.

This was accompanied by lots of moans, shrieks, and screams. O to be 7 again.

Here are some scary things you might want to make:

From Instructables a crochet eyeball with optic nerve attached from the crochetninja

The great knitted pumpkin pattern

Felted pumpkins from Knitty

How to make a very real looking werewolf head from Instructables

From the blog of Strange but True a knitted digestive system, that is quite detailed and accurate.

Creepy severed body parts garland. Quite festive!

Here is a link for a variety of tombstones.

Love buckeyes? try this eyeball version, yummy

I like this goolish breakfast sandwich that your kids can have fun making

Happy Halloween, now get knitting…


  1. How cute! I would love to make a haunted house for my son when he gets older.

  2. That was so much fun to read! I can just imagine your 7 year old expression when you stuck your hands into the slippery, moist eyeballs! LOL!!

  3. I just love Halloween, but it's mostly for the food & candy.


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