Winter Knitty is out! + Featured Esty Seller


Winter Knitty is out!!

Knitty always has something irresistible! What is it this time?

The Tushy Cushy will make you go Awwww Cute!!

I like these fingerless gloves with a pattern.

Love this!!

And for you spinners Dye Another Day, in which we learn how to dye roving without turning our kitchen into a toxic waste zone.


Featured Esty seller is Spotted Cow Soaps. I have always wanted to make soap, but after checking out the process. I decided that buying soap was more enjoyable.

Here are some good last minute stocking stuffers

stocking stuffer soaps $3.50 These half bars of soap make great guest soaps, hostess gifts, and they are the perfect size for Stocking Stuffers. The soap comes dressed them up with an awesome black velveteen bag that has been hand stenciled.

gingerbread bath Here is a Gingerbread bath fizzie $3.00

soap Lemongrass sage soap $4.50

These are just a few examples.

Check her out!!

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May you knitting needles fly as fast as Dragonflies!!


  1. I love the new Knitty! I added lots to my queue. I especially liked the idea of topographie.

    I am with you on soap-making- I always wanted to try making soap until I actually read about the process =) These soaps look so yummy - they really make a nice, simple xmas gift.

    PS. Thanks for the link on Hindu mythology =)

  2. I never realized that I could get soaps on Etsy! I know Santa is bringing me a beautiful knitting bag from The Julian Baglady but I'll have to check the soaps out too.


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