Knitting Diet or going with my gut instinct and loosing it

No points, food scales, calorie counters needed

I have never been overweight much. Most of my life I heard comments like "your too thin". I Never thought too much about weight, and could loose 5 pounds in a couple of days mysteriously.

Enter the Now, post hysterectomy, and middle age. I'm not sure what happened. Well maybe that is not true. I have been eating my way through stressful times. Perhaps I always did this but the stress was not as much, and I had more time for activity.

I have heard from people that lost weight the "ah ha" moment. A picture, video, or glimpse of themselves in a mirror. Mine was at a yoga class. I have taken yoga off and on, for years. So the other night, there I am in class trying to do postures and my body is not the shape or size I am use to. How did this happen? There are parts getting in the way of what I'm doing and during some poses I knew that my center of gravity was working against me so much I began to worry that I would topple onto a yogic neighbor. Definitely disrespectful.

This is not where I wish to be. Enter the Knitting Diet. When lunching at work, if I knit, I hurry through what I have to eat, or toss some away so I will have time to knit.

Thus, my idea is to knit more, if needles are in my hands. Food cannot be. Also when knitting, it's not good to have any food items that may get onto your knitting.

So I begin my knitting diet trial. Hopefully this will accomplish two positive things at once.

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Come knit with me, and we will see how many pounds we can shrink.

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  1. I'm close to that age myself and know that I will have to adjust things. One word of caution is that if you reduce what you eat you will perhaps slow down your metabolism when what you really want to do is increase your metabolism. It's counter intuitive ~ but eating more of the "right" things will actually help you lose weight. Good luck on finding the right balance for you :)

  2. A high fiber diet! I crack myself up sometimes, *grin*.

  3. I hate the word diet. It evokes such bad thoughts. I try to change my eating habits, eating more fruits, fiber, veggies, and healthy snacks rather than restrict food. Otherwise, I just get depressed. Good luck with your 'change in eating patterns'. Grin.


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