Do it yourself, custom calendars and some knitting

The next year is approaching quickly, I have found several nice links that enable you to custom make your own calendars, planners, etc... I'm always looking for that "perfect" calendar, to organize myself and my family.

Check these out!!


From DIY Planner a great place to go to get exactly what you need to make your planner work for you. Yes it's a little bit of work, but it's FREE. There are excellent instructions!!


From Instructables a mini 8 page pocket zine, I looked at this and made it for fun the first time. Then I used it, you are able to customize it, after folding the size is great. It holds an amazing amount of info. Also FREE, no spam.

I use this all of the time, a free calendar template. Lots of different styles, weekly, monthly, yearly, and booklet. FREE, but they also have a more advanced one you pay for. I use the free one!

The above is part of Calendars that work, sign up with them, and mark which calendar you like. It is sent to you, prior to that month in your email. FREE, and no spam.


Here is a quirky Dodecahedral Candy Calendar 2009. This calendar is quite functional and only requires one sheet of 8.5" x 11 (or A4) photo paper to create the smaller sized version (approximately tennis ball-sized), and two sheets of photo paper for the larger grapefruit-sized version. While this calendar is very cheap to make and a quite attractive conversation piece, it takes far more time to make than you may at first realize. Have fun with this.


This one is not free but, oh so cute....from A Little Hut designs by Patricia Zapata, these calendars are adorable. And for $4.99 affordable.

She has a blog by the same name and an Etsy store, ALittleHut, take a look.

I have been knitting like a house one fire, but all gifts or items that people want to buy. Here is the latest scarves....

Everyone loves the cables this year!!

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies..

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  1. Anonymous12/21/2008

    I love those little homemade eight-page booklets. I've been using them for a few years now for our grocery lists. Each page has a store section written at the top (in the order they appear in the store), and I find that working my way through the booklet makes it possible for me to get everything I need without making any walk-all-the-way-back-to-the-other-end-of-the-store-because-I-forgot-something trips! :)


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