Dummy Clap Shawl

I finished my Dummy Clap Shawl during my stay with my Dad back in March, when he had colon cancer surgery. But then didn’t knit again until just recently.

054 - Copy


I would recommend this pattern, I originally picked it because I was always attracted to the Clapotis shawl in the Knitty Fall 04. I never knitted it, but found this pattern and decided to try it. I will say, love the pattern, knitted it with Brown Sheep single ply yarn. Love this yarn, but I knitted this over a long period of time and it started to felt, due to all the packing around I did. The night before my Dad’s surgery, I decided to unravel the laddering, it took me 8 hours to individually unpick them, but that kept me busy and my mind off of other things. I’m pleased with how it turn out, length, width, it is easy to wrap around and small enough to use as a scarf. I only used about 2/3 of the cone of the Brown Sheep yarn, I would buy it again. (although it seems hard to find, I bought it in a spinning shop)


BTW, I still am shocked when I see a photo with my hair undyed, I dyed it for so many years, I still forget what it looks like, even several years after I let it grow out. Periodically I want to dye it again, and then I remember what a pain the upkeep was, my DH assures me it looks good *snort*. Well it sure saves me $$ that I can use on yarn.

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Since then I have found several other similar patterns. (all have the dropped stich technique, which is slightly frightening/fun)


I love the one below, It is lovely with the different yarns. I think I’ll give it a go, it would make a nice gift.


Terraform by Cheri McEwen pattern, similar but knitted in a triangle, looks nice to drape on neck/body.


City Tweed Dropped Stitch shawl by Knit Picks


Dropped Stitch scarf, super easy, and you can make it bigger for a wrap, free pattern from Christine Vogel

Happy Knitting!

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  1. I just don't have the patience to knit something that long and repetitive. It looks lovely!


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