A little spinning at the house


One day I was reading blogs, and saw Paul The Quilter was making The Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West (rav link, free pattern), and decided that would be the perfect gift for a girlfriend! Off to my stash to see what yarn I had to start it! I came across my handspun, I haven’t spun in around 2 years and was lost in looking at my spun stash. I have around 17 oz. of a strange pumpkin-ish colored yarn that I spun, I even ran it back through the wheel and added a multicolored thread to make the color pop a little, because I thought it looked a bit flat. I don’t look good in that color and it would be perfect for her! Yay!

My husband and I thought it would be perfect for her due to the fact that she makes persimmon bread, and especially yummy cookies this time of year. We had just been to visit her and my husbands best friend to go to a music festival. I took some photos of a backdrop on one of the venues. Seem like this color was everywhere!


I got so excited I finished up some fiber that I had been playing around with, the blue combo below.  I think I’ll make a small scarf with it. I found this great list by Simple Knits.com of 653 patterns to make with 1-285 yards of yarn. It is a blog link list to patterns, Not all of the links are still active but most of them are. Check them out. It is a great source of creative bloggers  (saving this link for possible gifts!)


I’m still working on my Citron shawl, it is going so well, I’m making it larger than the pattern calls for, I have a 2nd skein and I’m just going to keep knitting until I’m tired. I did leave a row out. Of course it was a decrease row and I didn’t figure it out until around 2 inches later. So I’m just going with it. Needless to say it got really large fast. How did I overlook that? I was knitting and visiting and just kept going, for two days.

Also working on the Lala scarf and ditto there, not the mistake part but the making it larger than the pattern calls for. I am wondering if I’ll leave off the frilly edging? Can’t decide.

photos later

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  1. Lots of shawls and scarves in the works. You go girl!


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