Post Christmas Knitting and Painting

My husband is retired now, and in the middle of painting the walls of the bedroom. He says he is going to remodel the whole inside of the house. *yay*  So far at only days into retirement he is working at a breakneck pace like he is at work. I told him he will have to slow down and enjoy himself.

I picked out and bought the paint for the bedroom so long ago, (about 3 years minimum) I had forgotten what color it was. I called from work and he said he had started painting. So it was a pleasant surprise when I got home and discovered I still liked the paint color we had picked out.


Now I think I will make curtains for the bed room. Paint is called silver grey and it is actually a warm grey, looks like it has a purple undertone to it in real life. Our bedroom had been lavender, maybe you can see the color at the far end of the photo past the bottom of his legs, back wall. Ugh, it was a paint color that I thought I would like but when it got on the walls, ick, I never liked it.


Tree about 2/3 of the way done. I also found silver button snow flakes to sew on it also, not sure what I’ll put on the top.

I’m in the middle of a marathon of crocheting Christmas trees from the Emfy’s pattern, the first green tree I made was gifted, so I had to make another, I found some pink yarn (Simply soft I believe) in my yarn stash and decided I’ve always wanted a pink tree. I also bought a skein of white simple soft yarn to make a small white one. I love the way the first tree turned out, it was so cute, looking at the Ravelry done projects, I thought the white ones were very pretty. It is a fast crochet and gives me a break from knitting.

In the middle of knitting the Zuma Tunic from Wendy Bernard’s book Custom Knits 2. A top down knit in the round sweater pattern.  I had stalled out, I was about 3 skeins into using my hand dyed yarn and thought I needed to dye up more yarn to finish, but I found the bag with the rest of the skeins in it. *Yay* So I’m ready to start the arms. (more on that soon)

Part of the retirement deal, I’m going to have more time to knit and enjoy myself, I’m still working full time, and Steve will take care of things around the house. I still have many more years before my retirement. Hopefully this will be like coming home to a wife (I didn’t really say that) *grin*



  1. I'm not sure which would be better...coming home to a clean house and dinner on the table or retiring myself. I love pink trees too.

  2. Well I don't want to be old enough to retire, but I'd like to have the knitting time!


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