Free Patterns for knit and crochet Christmas Stockings


I always think I’m going to make some Christmas stockings. Then it ends up to be too late and I don’t have them done.

I have found some free ones (crochet and knit) patterns that are super cute. Now is the time to start them…..

Have you made a Christmas stocking? Leave a post with the link to the pattern you used or a photo of yours!

Crochet patterns:

Crochet Pattern Central has a link list of many Christmas stockings! Look around, they have a large pattern library!

Knitting Patterns:

Knitting on the Net has a link list of Christmas knitting that includes stockings, ornaments and all kinds of cuteness.

Get your Holiday Knitting Going!



  1. I made One stocking for my sister who doesnt celebrate much at all due to religious differences . I have to find the pattern..it was very easy......ANN NORLING SNOWFLAKE STOCKING

  2. Love the pic of baby Jesus knitting! Thanks for the links!


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