Crochet A Plant Hanger (easy)

Crochet plant hanger (free pattern)
It is getting frosty here and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. I had a mass die off of plants, (well, due to my neglect), I did revive a few by repotting.  I brought in some plants from the deck, which Mother Nature took better care of.
I decided to hang the larger plants, to save space and didn’t have any plant hangers. I prefer to put my plants in plain clay pots, and had already made my StuffMart run for the week. I got online and looked around for an easy DIY plant hanger. Of course I couldn’t find what I was looking for, although I found some really cute ones that I will link at the end. I was going to macramé one, but when I found some crochet patterns, I thought that would be faster and just as pretty.
I looked around and did find a unopened ball of jute, opened it up and got my crochet needle out and started playing around.
I’ll place links in the directions in case you don’t know how to crochet, this is super easy.
Crochet Plant Hanger (easy)
You can customize this to fit any size plant pot, and it is super fast and easy, and I think it looks pretty good, not too fancy.
Pot: Pattern is made for a 9.5 inch standard clay pot (size is diameter of top of pot)
Stitches: Crochet chain stitch, and Single Crochet, learn these stitches here
Hook size: Get a hook that fits your rope/yarn that you decide to use (I used a K)
Material: I used one ball of jute, bought from StuffMart, I have also seen it at the dollar store. You could also use cotton yarn. I think wool or acrylic yarn would be too stretchy.
Begin by chaining 6, and join to make a circle
row 1: chain 6, sc in your joined circle* (don’t have to go into a chain stitch, I just went into the middle of the joined chain stitches) *repeat this 5 times.
row 2: chain 8, sc into the top of your first loop, repeat 6 times, You will want 6 loops total.
row 3: chain 10, sc into the top of your first loop, repeat for each loop. I started my sides at this point)
Crochet plant hanger (free pattern)
Keep increasing in this manner until this is the same size as the base of the pot that you want to hang (inc by chaining 2 more for each loop)
Crochet plant hanger (free pattern)
Hanger pulled slightly to the side, because I was trying to get a photo of it without the hanging loops done. This will be pulled even when done.
When the base is large enough continue one, now adding 5 chains in each loop for each row,
For my plant hanger I used:
row 1:  chain 15, sc into each loop, around once
row 2: chain 20, sc into each loop, around once
row 3: chain 25, sc into each loop, around once
I placed my pot into my “hanger” now and continued around so I had a better idea of how far to go up the sides of the pot, I continued until I was at the top of the pot.
Crochet plant hanger (free pattern)
When you arrive at the top, stop at a sc into a loop point, so you have a sturdy base for the hanging chains.
Now just keep chaining, I chained 50 up to the hanger hook, and 50 again (back down), sc this to the loop directly across from the first loop, knot securely and tie off.
Attach your jute to another side, chain 100 and sc into the opposite loop, knot securely and tie off, Repeat for the last loop.
I took a piece of jute and about 2-3 inches from top of hanger wrapped it around and around and knotted it.
Crochet plant hanger (free pattern)
Done and this only took me about 30 min to make!
I also found several free plant hanger patterns that I liked,
From Julie A. Bolduc a pretty crocheted plant hanger pattern
This crochet plant hanger on Crafster is similar to mine, but made with cotton yarn
Purple kitty made this cute crochet plant hanger


  1. Wow, I love the simplicity and especially the flower at the bottom, great job! I like simple clay pots too.

  2. Very cool...love the first pic with kitchen in the background. You all have a cool older house I bet. Ours is set up like that too; built in 1952 :)

  3. Thanks! It was simple and works really well!
    Yes, the house is a 1920's "bungalow" small, but just the right size for us now. (fast to clean also *grin*)
    Take care

  4. I so needed this tutorial..!!!
    the cats get at any plant they can...so this may trick them


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