This and That….

Update on Syd, post surgery he got a seroma, about the size of a grapefruit, which then involved a drainage tube being inserted. Fun!  A lot of drainage, but better out than in. So I spent my weekend doing laundry and cleaning up after dribbles. But his side looks quite a bit better now that all of the fluid is out!


Sometimes it is good to be lazy!

I did get some knitting done. Working on my Dummy Clap Shawl, it is super east and fast. I’m knitting it with some Brown Sheep in a pound cone from my stash,  the yardage looks like it is 1400, in a deep maroon, beautiful yarn, and lovely to work with. It is Top of The Lamb. See link for information on this yarn, I would use it again. I’m already trying to track some down, I believe I bought at a weaving shop. It would be lovely in a shawl.

From Brown Sheep Company about Top of the Lamb yarn, This single ply 100% USA grown wool yarn was expressly designed and dyed in colors that could be woven in rugs by the Navajo Nation.  It is still spun today in both worsted and sport weight in almost the same colors that were selected in the beginning.  If you have ever had the privilege of owning a rug from the Navajo Nation there is a good chance that it was woven from Top of the Lamb.


It is good to be knitting again, especially when I have company, Syd and Penny like to sit with me while I’m knitting. I promised Syd I’d knit him a sweater, he is so used to putting on his tee shirt to cover his boo boo.


I did swatch for the Zuma Tumic from the Custom Knits 2 Book, I’m using some hand dyed yarn.


But I promised myself I would finish the Iced sweater before I cast on, how silly of me, I only have about an inch on each sleeve and I stalled out. Now that I pull it out and look at it, I’m impressed and like it better than I thought I would. It will be a very warm sweater/coat.


More on that later, now that we are back from the vet, drainage tubing is out and it is time for a nap. Of course Penny has to keep on eye on things.


Keep Knitting….


  1. I need to stop starting new projects and finish the multitude I've got started. If nothing more, maybe I can find all the knitting needles I'm lacking for the new projects.

    Poor baby. But I love the t-shirt look! :)

  2. You're busy doing what you like to do and the pups are happy. It doesn't get better than that!

  3. He does rock the tee shirt look, I'm thinking of tye-dying some, LOL, they are my babies!
    Hey sometimes, we just get going starting projects like crazy. Then sometimes, I'm crazy to finish everything....and stash bust!
    No worries!

  4. thanks! taking care of my fuzzy kids are always top priority! *grin*

  5. Hope your little buddy is feeling better :(


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