Spring Spinning


I received some roving from a friend of a friend to spin up.

She had traveled to a B&B in KY, MapleHillManor, which is also an Alpaca Farm. A knitter but not a spinner, she found me and wanted me to spin up her 4 oz. of very nice alpaca.


I spun up two bobbins, and S plied it. It was nice to spin with and has gotten me back into using my wheel.

Below is the plied yarn.


She wanted to knit a scarf with the yarn. The result is 190 yds. of nice alpaca yarn. I hope this is enough for her to make what she had in mind. I did weigh the fiber and it was actually 3.6 oz. of fiber. There was 4 oz. if you include the weight of the bag and labels it was packaged with, or maybe she had removed some. I have found when I spin up 4 oz. my yield is an ave of 220-240 yds. of two ply yarn.



It takes quite a bit of fluff to make yarn. LOL

Below is a rough estimate I found online of amount of fiber to get the yards you desire.

Lace = 2600+ yards per pound
Fingering = 1900 to 2400 yards per pound
Sport = 1200 to 1800 yards per pound
Worsted = 900 to 1200 yards per pound
Bulky = 600 to 800 yards per pound
Very Bulky = 400 to 500 yards per pound

Happy Spinning!


  1. Lovely yarn! Nice to see you back in the blogging world! :)

  2. I was just thinking last night that I need to dye and ply my Welsh top and scour my Shetland wool so I can card and spin it up. You're motivating me!

  3. Lovely spinning and I do love the colour too.

  4. Nice to be back after a break! Hoping to get going again!
    Have my wheel out and I've got more fiber being spun, and I'm leering at a quilt pattern!


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