Hot, Humid Lazy Days of Summer…


In the hot, humid summer days we have been catching up on yard work, house work, and discovered Roku!

A great cheap way to get our TV. So I’ve had some TV knitting! We have had just an antenna for about 4 years now, so there are all kinds of shows out there I’ve never seen.

I’m starting another quilt. More on that later. And thinking of letting my hair go grey. The coloring is becoming rather tiring. Every two weeks is too expensive to go professional. I have been using henna for almost two years. Love the feel of my hair with it. But e-gods it is messy, and with the increasing greys, comes more of an orange color vs.: auburn. I found Anne Kreamer’s book Going Gray, and have been inspired to give it a go, after all I can color it again if I don’t like it. I also found this web site, Going Gray and Looking Great, if my hair actually looks like any of these ladies does, I’ll be happy.

Anyone out there letting their color grow out? I’ve been coloring since I was in my mid-late 20’s, and have let it grow out 2x’s. I ended up recoloring it soon after the grow out was finished. But I haven’t let it show up for about 10 years or more.

027 - Copy

Scary! Anyone have any words of wisdom?

Keep knitting..


  1. I've decided to go gray as well. I'm also tired of the messy process and having to buy hair coloring once a month. My hair is long, past my shoulder blades but I'll just trim as I go and measure the gray as it comes. Age is a state of mind anyway and my hair color doesn't make me look any younger.

    It's like...freedom. LOL

  2. Good luck! I always think it looks better when people just let it grow. Plus, I am WAY TOO LAZY to do that when I get more gray.

  3. I think you should let it go gray. I think it will look good.

    And there are some women that I have seen, that look really good with gray. The haircut that they had fit their face perfectly and everything.

    I just saw this about a few months ago. Dana King, an anchorwoman out in this area of California, was talking about her going gray, and she was also mentioning a website about others who are going gray. I wonder if it's the same as the one you found.

    Anyway, I'm sure you look just fine.


  4. I did the transition from dyed dark brown hair to what was more white than gray hair, it wasn't so bad. First I bleached out as much of the dye as I could, and then I wore hats every day and gradually trimmed away the darker color. I didn't want to chop off too much length right away, but it probably would have looked better if I had.

    I'm 46, and my hair's started turning gray back in my 20s, I'm happy to have it natural now!


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