Catching up


This summer has been busy! My brother got married to a wonderful gal who has a cool edgy daughter. I am super excited to have a sister-in-law and be an aunt all at once!


Lots of yard work! We are enjoying beautiful flowers, and even have some tomatoes! Of course I’ve had help from Syd, who loves to oversee (and help with) any digging in the yard.


In the way of knitting, I finally took stock of my UFO’s and decided that the toe up sock had sat long enough, I frogged it and started a plain sock in self patterning yarn in the two circular needle method! Paula who blogs as The Quilter, urged me to try this method. I have tried various methods and always returned to the dpn’s. But this one is a keeper, easy, fast and great for travel knitting! No dpn’s to slide out of my stitches and get lost!


Take a look at this You Tube video on using two circular needles to knit socks, it is easy and fun! The Video is by Cat Bordhi and is the same method as her book. (which I recommend, it has a variety of good patterns to get you started)

Links here….knitting socks on two circulars part 1, knitting socks on two circulars part 2 (all by Cat Bordhi)

Keep creating!!


  1. Congratulations on gaining new family members! If I had enough circular needles I might try it but I only have one of each of the smaller sizes and it's not in my budget just yet to buy more. But when I can, I'll try this. It does look easier.

  2. Yay, you! I am SO GLAD you tried it. When I switched to 2 circs my socks got better and I can carry my knitting with me on my bicycle.

  3. I'm gonna watch the videos because there has to be an easier way to make socks! I loved your comments, thanks.


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