Just Horsing Around….


Playing around a bit with watercolor, just using black in different layers. Sumi-e style.

When we moved down here one of the nicest things was seeing horses. I grew up in the city and never saw a live horse until I went to the fair. I couldn’t believe how big they were up close.


Maybe nothing defines the culture of Kentucky better than the state’s obsession with horses. One visit to Kentucky’s Horse Country, and the thoroughbred affection is apparent in everything from the fields of grazing horses and racetracks to horse farms & tours.


Above is charcoal, well I’ll keep trying..LOL

So in the spirit of Kentucky and their beautiful horses I’m trying to paint them. It is hard to capture them, the movement, angles and shadows. But enjoyable.




  1. You did *very* well! Impressive. I work with bronze sculptors. Check out the equine are by one of the sculptors. Here. She raises and rides horses and is able to study them and get the musculature right. I've directed you to the thumbnail page so make sure you scroll down.

  2. Your work shows your love for them, really nice.

  3. Very nice! Love the action/movement in them!

  4. I think yours looks really good! Keep up the good work!

  5. You have such a talent for drawing/painting!!!! Something like a horse is not an easy animal to capture and you have caught the movement so well too. I'm jealous :)

    Hope you are getting the hang of wet felting! Maybe using a resist is not the best "first" project. I hope it wasn't too frustrating.

  6. Wow, I can't tell you how good that is for a "beginner" as you see yourself. Really hope you'll keep at drawing (and may be painting? horses. You have a knack for them!

  7. Your drawings and watercolors are really good. You show a good understanding of their movement and structure. The photos are beautiful. There is something so soothing about all of those white fences and green grass (not to mention the horses).

  8. Wonderful drawings! Very beautiufl!


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