Jeans to jeans skirts…

Drop over and take a look at the new Spring/Summer Knitty 2010!
My favorite pattern? I can’t decide yet. A wide variety from socks to shawls, easy to challenging.
Below is some beautiful core spun yarn from urbangypz's photostream on flickr! She has an etsy shop UrbanGypZ . This beautifully spun yarn makes me think of spring!
I’m still struggling with my core spun, I’m not sure that is for me, I’m going to go back to traditional spinning.
We have been busy at my house, painting and getting a new privacy fence!
While visiting my Dad, I got sucked into Genealogy world! I have never done any research like this. And it is fun and very interesting. I feel like I’m turning into quite a sleuth. The stories we hear about family and are they true? Tracking down records and more records. I can’t imagine how time consuming this was before the internet!
I’m teaching  a 7 year old little girl to sew. Any hints would be appreciated, so far we have; made a tote bag, a cat bed, and a jeans skirt (from a pair of jeans). I think it is as fun for me as it is for her.
Looks like she is pretty happy here, well we make quite a mess when sewing, and Penny insisted on helping us out.
And of course, we must look good from the back!
We followed the tutorial from Erin Huffstetler, (jeans into jeans skirt) it seemed like the easiest one. She also has a blog Crunchy Money, dedicated to going green on a budget.
If you are an adult and want to make a stylish jeans skirt, my favorite tutorial is from SavySeams.com, this tutorial is for a 4 panel jeans skirt and looks like it turns out quite good looking, especially for us pear shaped women! A little bit more work, but it is worth it!
Go outside and take your needles, enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Genealogy...isn't it a hoot! I used to be a geneal. librarian in Ft. Laud. It is very hard. But I did find out that I was Dutch and Native Amer. Ha! Who knew! It was pretty cool.


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