Golden friends and gifts

I've gotten some wonderful gifts in the mail recently!!

Thank you times a thousand!!

From my Doppelgänger, Vicki at Dragonfly Soars I received a package full of LOVELY fiber!!


I can’t wait to get spinning with these! The braid is BFL from Girlontherocks.com, I love the turquoise (i just painted my living room a lighter shade of this color) and the golden yellow mixed in. The green batt is a super soft batt of blended wool and soy silk from Ogle Design.etsy.com, a perfect spring batt to spin, this green color with a little blue added really puts me in the mood to get out in the garden.

From Paula The Quilter, I received five skeins of excellent wool to dye! I’m not sure what colors these want to be yet, but I’m ready to get my pots out! The sun is out today and I haven’t done any Solar dyeing since last fall. Hummmm…006

I got a huge package of glitz and angelina to add to my spinning from Jane on ravelry!  Thank you Jane!!

Great for you to add a lot of sparkle or just a little something extra to your finished yarn, batt, roving or what ever you do to have your stuff stand out from the crowd. :)


I visited my girlfriend Dena1975 [rav], (check out her pretty handspun!) and she showed me how to core spin! I added some of the green glitz [lower left of photo] into the spinning.


My first core spun! It is trickier than I thought. You can’t see the glitz in the first photo. The second is out of focus but lets you see some of the sparkle!


I can’t wait to get back to my wheel, but right now I’m off to buy some beads to add to my soul hat!

Until later, keep knitting, or spinning, and enjoy the spring!


  1. I love the green with the glitz! Bought a couple of skeins of white wool yesterday and hope I can get to dye sometime this week. I'm going to try the kettle dying

  2. Gosh, Vicki, you HAVE been busy! All those beautiful skeins of yard you've dyed... the pretty owl hat.... and now glitzy core spun yarn? Never heard of "core spinning" but will Google it and see how it's done.

    So nice to be back reading your blog!

  3. I'm so glad you like it!! You are going to be very busy with everything

  4. It's Christmas in March!!! What awesome loot your buddies showered you with ~ lots to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing! Enjoy :)


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