Winter predictions

I begin to wonder if the number of sweaters I have planned to knit is similar to the length of the hair on a wooly worm. If so, we are in for a severe winter.


It all began in the middle of summer, it’s hot, humid and I’m sweating. But for some reason keep begin drawn to bulky yarn, and sweater patters. Now I’m at that point in my life when I can have a full blown hot flash, anytime, anywhere. And I haven’t worn a sweater, unless it was a cardigan that I could whip off in an instant.

OK, I need to back up, maybe it actually started last winter. The winter of 09 here was a bad one, we had a huge ice storm and lost power in the house, (and most of the city) for days. Some residents in Kentucky were out for 2 weeks, it was brutal.


During that time we stayed in he house and bundled up. Rummaging through the closets and locating that specific item is difficult, especially with nothing but a flashlight.

It was then, that the insanity began. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find my first knitted turtle neck (yes turtle neck) bulky sweater. Oversized and knit in the round, EZ style (Knitting without tears), it was the first sweater I had knitted that I could wear. Happily I pulled in on, over the two tee shirts, and fleece top I already had on.

Ta Da! It was the first time, I was warm. I began to remember why hand knitted wool sweaters are so wonderful. They make you feel loved and happy and toasty warm.  All with that “and I made it myself feeling”. I didn’t take it off, it went over everything I wore those cold dark days, and even to bed.

Back to the present. I have spent the summer planning sweaters, spinning yarn to knit into sweaters and buying yarn for sweaters.   I usually wear a long sleeve tee at the most in the cold months.

Five sweaters planned (rav link). Prediction for my winter. Toasty and warm.

Check the Farmer’s Almanac for the forecast in your area

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies..


  1. I should have never taken a look at your queue. I just added two more items to mine. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hee, yes. When our power goes out, I pile on all the handmade sweaters. Nothing keeps me warmer ")

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog post, too.

  3. I followed your Ravelry link.. and, wow...you've been busy! I just made some "Grandma's Slippers" - like yours - and I love them!

    Re: Winter forecast... I'm so disappointed. Our forecast is for "normal temps and precip".... I wanted snow!


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