Knitter’s on the runways….


Yeah, we know it, we are talented and knitter’s know how to look good in their knits.

Last year, we were all knitting or crocheting the big neck wraps. Lots of patterns everywhere, in fact we have been knitting and crocheting them for a couple of years.

Now, our scarves are showing up everywhere on the runways….

This year we have all price ranges Derek Lam scarf $35, Armand Diradourian scarf $438, Fendi scarf$180, Anna Kula scarf $225 to name a few.

Instead of looking to big name designers, look to the “real designers” of these warm and beautiful items.

Tudora by by Cheryl Marling she blogs at a simple yarn

Aibhlinn by Mary Burr

Baby it’s Cowled Outside by Megan Granholm who blogs at loop de doo

Chic Cabled Cowl by Elizabeth at Loop Knits, and she has more patterns.

Misti International, chunky, fast pattern (rav link)

From Hello Yarn this classy Irish hiking scarf (rav link), and her Besotted Scarf (rav link)

Just to get you started, find some yarn, get your needles out and cast on. Or if you don’t knit, Etsy has many talented designers that you can shop with, buy from an indie designer.

Support real artisans.

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies….


  1. Great post! I love it and couldn't agree more.

  2. I did. Just cast on, I mean. A scarf using an extra skein of sock yarn. And started reading the same book I see peeking out from under your glue book.

  3. What a great post! You know, I've never knit a cowl. But it is on my list for this year :) Thanks for the inspiration and great pattern links!

  4. I *heart* cowls! I am just finishing up the Aibhlinn with cotton. I made it first with a single skein of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. It's a great pattern.

  5. Anonymous9/12/2009

    you're right! I'm always noticing knitted things in fashion magazines, and how the trends follow the knitting patterns!


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