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Have some yarn from a forgotten project? So did I. I found a skein of Fisherman’s Wool from Lion brand yarns, in Maple Tweed. Each skein has a hefty 465 yards or so and it is Worsted weight yarn. After some trolling around on Ravelry I found a super simple wrap, a rectangle with rows of knit on the top and bottom and k2, p2* until end of row for 2 rows  and then p2 k2 next row for 2 rows, repeat until you are ready to end it, and then knit your heart out for the ending rows. See the photo in the link here, it is the Shawl by Melanie on Ravelry.
I used needles size 13 US, also cast on 132 stitches instead of the 110 called for. I just knitted until my skein was over. Then couldn’t decide if I needed another one. There is a fine line between wrap so big you don’t want to take it anywhere, and wrap just right. So I stopped at one skein, I like the longer length, I can wrap it over my shoulder to stay on, or wrap it backwards. It can also be used as a cowl/doubled scarf, due to the open knit smoochy quality of it. I have been exploring acrylic/wool  blends lately, but I have to say, you just can’t beat 100% wool for warmth and coziness!
Here I am in Gatlinburg at a cozy cabin, I’m test knitting some Red Heart soft, in some placemats.
IMG_2612 - Copy

I have used this yarn numerous times! It is easy to find, price is great, I usually get mine at Joann's for about 8.49$ to $10.99, use those 40% off coupons, and get it even cheaper. It is 465 yards per skein 8 oz., tweeds are in 6 oz. skeins, aran weight yarn.is made of undyed pure virgin wool with natural lanolin oil. Color availability is natural type colors, neutral, beige, browns, tan etc.. Tweeds are also all natural/neutrals. While the yarn does feel a bit scratchy, I think the tweed yarns are scratchier. I find that after washing, it is reasonably soft, (I add some hair conditioner to the rinse water). Long lasting and so warm. If I was making a sweater or anything to wear next to my skin I would not use this yarn. This yarn is suitable for felting also. It does have a low twist. The skein I had was in my stash for a time so it was made in the USA. I believe it is now made in China. I think the brown label on the yarn are the Made in China ones.
Two other yarns similar to it are Cascade 220, also 100% virgin wool  (average $8 to 9.00 for 220 yards full price, but Cascade has a plethora of colors to choose from and a slightly tighter twist, and softer, This is a good yarn. It is my go-to yarn when I’m looking for a reasonably 100% wool.  Another similar wool is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes,100% Peruvian Highland Wool worsted weight. this yarn has 100 colors and is $2.69 per 50 gm. ball at 110 yards. Wool of the Andes does have a better feel and twist to it. Price is actually very comparable at $10.76 for 440 yards (4 balls) I can’t say anything bad about KnitPicks Wool of the Andes except you have to purchase it online and I can’t pick it up and feel it.
See links below for other knitted wrap patterns.
I’m going to include some other fast, easy, free knitted wraps, suitable for spring temps!
-Ruana or wrap knitted pattern by Barbara Breiter
-Easy reversible thermal wrap pattern by Esther Bozak
-Wild Ride by Lila Agnew
-Four Seasons Wrap by Cynthia Cushing
-Wrapped in a Hug Stole by Grace Stark

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  1. Love this pattern... and LOVE Fisherman's wool


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