Hats I must make (free hat pattern links) ;)

I’m coming out of a creativity slump, and thought that some hat patterns would get me going. After looking around I realized, crazy hat patterns is what I’m looking for.

#1 to make the Viking hat pattern and beard, I didn’t realize these were two different patterns, the Viking hat is a pay pattern from Tara Murray. The Viking beard pattern is a free pattern.by Melissa Campbell, Links included.Beard-hat-c_medium 

I think wearing this would either invite conversation or people would cross the street to keep away from me! Either way a win.

#2 The Hallowig by Megan Reardon (free pattern)508054613_6d01a4ff5f_nLove this, and think of the colors that it could be made in!

#3 I was looking for a knitted cat scoodie pattern, and found it (by Cat Morley) , but I fell in love with the modification that a Ravelry knitter made to make into a fox scoodie! Go raverly, thanks Ficklephonebug! Cat knitted scoodie pattern here. Fox knitted scoodie pattern here.

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