The Shrinking Husband

Two years ago I started a flannel hiking shirt for my husband. I have always made his shirts. Well I had a major stall out, then a year ago I picked it up again and got it done except for the buttons. I discovered I had to “adjust it” due to weight loss. OK, so I tweak it a little, and it fits.

Fast forward to a year later and the shirt is mocking me from the corner of my stash room,  I finally decide to put the buttons on and give it to him. Thankfully I decide he better try it on before I do! I look, and oh no, it is huge!

So I spent longer today, ripping it out and adjusting it, then I think it would have taken me to toss it, and start over. *grin* When altering men’s shirts, one thing leads to another.


I agree with Syd, “wake me when the nightmare is over”….

Back too wide + sleeves too long, this leads to eventually ripping everything out, and even making the collar shorter, due to a smaller neck. I went from tweaking it to being “all in”, The pockets are in the wrong place now and I’ve made a hole getting them off. Ugh….

Ok, after a break, and adjusting all of the pieces, I finally come up with a solution to the hole from the pocket rip out.


Look closely at the little heart under the arm. Well, it’s the best I could come up with. *grin*


End result, fits a lot better, may still be a bit big, (hem not done yet), but it will do.


  1. I think it looks darn good! Kudos to you for being so industrious!

    Love ya!

  2. Im im presseed none the less! I want one

  3. Anonymous10/11/2012

    You have more perseverance than I. I would have tossed the shirt and started from scratch.

  4. You are amazing, I couldn't have done that!

  5. So close to tossing the thing out and buying a new pattern and fabric, wonder if it wouldn't have been faster?
    But now that he has been wearing it for about a week, it seems to be worth it. The flannel is very thick and seems to be getting really soft with all of the washing *grin*


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