Hooping, Henna and Red hats


Fire Hooping, Barrington. Photo by Amanda Giles

My girlfriend Rachel, who is my Henna sister, got a fire hula hoop for Christmas! While I’m still practicing on a standard hula-hoop, she has progressed to a LED hoop and now a fire hoop. I love the directions, it actually says, “at some point you will catch yourself on fire”, so someone stands by with a fire extinguisher while she hoops. Now that person should be sober! And you can’t really knit if you are the extinguisher person either.

Red Hat pattern by Bernat, this is the second hat I have made with this pattern.


Every month we get together to henna our hair, if you are interested in moving away from chemical coloring to henna, like many people are, (especially if you are being treated with chemotherapy or pregnant) the best website is Henna for Hair.

005Rachel before hair…light brown

008  and after….beautiful auburn

We were both interested in switching to henna and started the journey together. She is a light brown, I had colored my hair so long I wasn’t sure what it was (how much grey I had), and it was breaking off at the scalp and in the front. The same mix brought her a lovely auburn color, while it made my hair in the orange family. But henna takes 3-5 days to “oxidize” and the brassiness fades into a rich color. I couldn’t believe how soft and shiny my hair felt, she has long hair and said her husband loved it, and couldn’t keep his hands out of it.

This time I added some other herbs to darken my color, and try and head it towards the brown/auburn family.

Original color:006

Using 1/2 Henna and 1/2 cassia, before oxidation:042

This is when I learned, that cassia lightens henna. OK


after oxidation, still a little bright for me. I now know I could have done a buxus gloss and it would have pushed it into the brown family.

This is the current color made with 1/2 henna, 1/4 buxus, 1/4 indigo


I love this color, I don’t want to go any darker, but love the auburn, this is one day after. The color should change a little with oxidation.


  1. The new color looks better with your skin tone. Doesn't wash you out. Looking good. Fire hula-hooping? Wow!


  3. Oh my gosh...henna dying is so cool and so complicated! But the final color is really nice.

  4. I love your hair color. I stopped using permanent color on mine but while it grows out I'm using a rinse. I don't like red hair on me so henna wouldn't work well for me but I love seeing how it does on other people.

    How did you fare with the snow last weekend? My parents got about 4 inches in Scottsburg.

  5. I henna my hair too! Just straight henna, as my natural color is a darkish brown, so it doesn't turn any scary colors. I've got before/after pics here (I know I love seeing those) http://brightonwoman.blogspot.com/2009/01/im-henna-head-pic-heavy.html

  6. Anonymous1/20/2010

    Ooh, I love the final version of your hair. It looks fabulous!


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