Set your sail in the direction you want to go and hold on, Knitting memories..

I have always been interested in fiber crafts/arts. That is something that comes

naturally for me.

It has always been with me, I remember knitting outfits for Barbie, yes of course

in pink.

My doll babies had their blankets and quilts. I went though a relentless

hat/scarf stage that lasted years. Looking back at pictures I see many friends

and family wearing hats that are setting on top of their heads (too small) or

big enough that it was a problem to see their eyes. But I thought these items

were beautiful and was so proud of them. Now when I see the photos I realize

that I truly am blessed to know a great group of people that will look silly to

please me.

In high school I entered my purse, tote bag stage. I had so many purses, what is

a girl to do. Woe be to anyone who complimented me on my purse, I could

promptly gift that to them and make a different one.

I had a huge run on afghans in college, what better way to unwind than sit

around the dorm and knit a large square. And I had no shortage of people that

wanted one.

As we all do I had periodic dry spells.

I had a monster creative surge in the 90's with quilts, my first year I made five.

But I have always returned to knitting.

It wasn't until I got a stable job and settled down that knitting really took

a hold of me. It was then I started knitting sweater, socks and shawls.

Since then I have streamlined my crafts, and just concentrated on

sewing and knitting, until recently when I discovered spinning. But

that is another post.

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  1. Lovely post.

    Why didn't we see any pictures of the hats too big or too small? Giggle.

    You should see the afgan I crocheted as a child. Bright purple and bright yellow. I thought it was beautiful. My mother gave it to the dog.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous!

    I too have fallen away from quilting and sewing for months on end, but never knitting.

  3. I went through the afghan phase too, sadly I ran out of people who needed one, so I stopped making anything at all really. Then I met my husband and the first gift I gave him was a crocheted blanket! Now he's the biggest fan of all my crafts. The evolution of crafters is always interesting.


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